Video:Bakun Road Protest!!!


2 Responses to “Video:Bakun Road Protest!!!”

  1. Laing Tit Says:

    too much for the so call lodging company on damaging our only 4 meter width size substandard tar road and yet none of the richest lodging company (RH, Samling, Shenyang) come forward for at least make a so so only maintenance…and almost all of Asap people were so proud to have that quality of road…Undilah BN?

  2. nowmaica Says:

    This is too much for us, enough is enough…shin yang, RH and samling OUT YOU GO…there is no place for your company to operate in Belaga…we are just fed up dealing with you..the state government where are you any follow up? please take action before election we are not sure if you are still interested in Belaga. Should we use other channel to voice our dissatisfaction? Please CM stop this right now…now maica maju Belaga

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