Bakun Natives Seek Royalty From Dam for Development

MIRI: Bakun folk have sent a petition through their PRS elected representatives to request for a share of royalty from electricity generated by Bakun Dam.

Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Billy Abit Joo, who is a PRS senior vice-president, and Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang, handed over the petition personally to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak in Putrajaya two days ago.

Abit told The Star yesterday that the premier said he would study the content of the petition and give it due consideration.

“The Prime Minister is a person very concerned about the welfare of the natives of Sarawak. I believe he may agree to the request from the locals.

“In the petition, the Bakun folk appealed to the Federal Ministry of Finance (that is in charge of Sarawak Hidro Sdn Bhd, the manager of Bakun Dam) to allocate a specific percentage of royalty from the electricity from Bakun (to be sold to the Sarawak government) for the purpose of funding socio-economic projects.

“These Bakun natives said they had sacrificed a lot for the dam and now that it is set to generate income, they feel that it is only right that they get some benefits in return.

“They appealed to the Prime Minister to set up a special Bakun fund from the royalty and use it to build better public amenities and infrastructure for them. We in PRS feel that this request is fully justified. We support their petition,” he said.

Asked how much in royalty was requested, he said the information was confidential as it was up to the Prime Minister to consider.

On who would manage the funds, Abit said the Bakun folk want to set up a joint-venture agency with the state and federal governments.

“Ideally, there should be a special agency to manage the entire Bakun Dam area. This special agency should be a joint venture initiative made up of all stakeholders — the dam manager, the Bakun natives, the elected representatives, and the state and federal governments.

“This agency should be the main body to decide on projects to develop the Bakun into a tourist destination, an aquaculture hub and a new commercial centre and to ensure that everyone in Bakun benefit from the dam,” he said.

Abit said since the dam construction was finished and would begin generating power soon, this special agency should be set up



2 Responses to “Bakun Natives Seek Royalty From Dam for Development”

  1. Padan Ulae Says:

    This is a good start at least for Datuk Billy before he is out of the chair. It seems that he might not be the one selected to stand in this coming GE so he is trying to make a history for himself after 5 terms of MP….doing not really much for Belaga folks after all anyway. Of course he has helped all the PRS contractors to sapu all the contracts for Belaga for the past 25 years. Even though the projects are all “below the government requirement” yet most projects in Belaga are ‘lulus’ by the JKR and DO office. Strange phenomena happen in Belaga. May be someone got 10% for every project. I think this is a high time for him to go gracefully…dont be like Dr. George Chan.

    Talking about Bakun royalty….my goodness…ini betul2 bisness Orang Dayak (OU for that matter) lah. Macam orang cakap…sudah anak perempuan gandung baru mau minta tunang kah. macammana kalau lelaki itu tidak mau lah….will the PM approve it. 99% tidak akan di approve kan kecuali with the condition that we the people of Belaga must be united and strong behind the oppositon than the PM akan takut so then he will announce anything on earth. RM100 juta lah…RM62 juta lah RM43 juta lah dan juta sini sana…orang Belaga jadi macam judas lah. In reality he only give half…like what the government did for the houses in Asap. Apa hal tak beri semua lah. Betul2 memperbodohkan kita……hairan sungguh masih ramai juga yang menyokong orang yang berbohong dan menipu. Kurang iman.

    Who will handle the royalty once it is approved? VERY CONFUSING. We started with BDC…where it is now? Where are the money? then comes the AKDC….where is the 1 Milllion? Registered another comany named Wargana Consortium…doing clearing of the Dam site….I heard they received RM9000/ha but given to the locals only RM2000/ha. I would be sorry if I am wrong. For timber i heard it is sold at RM300/ton but to the locals it is only RM20/ton. Hello Belaga peoples…is this the way we ‘BANTU RAKYAT’…ini nak buat rakyat bangkrupt ini macam ho. Someone from Wargana Consortium might have reported the locals to the SFC that’s why dia orang officlas dari forestry selalu pergi ke hulu untuk check siapa yang membalak. They help us to clear the dam area lah so dont kacau them. Let the loggers sell their timber to those who give them better prize lah so what. Now back to the royalty????????? this is still very doubtful…..can PM give it to us and can we trust those who keep the money later on……SEMUA KURANG PASTI DAN WILL NOT DO ANY GOOD TO THE BAKUN PEOPLES AT ALL at the end. Think carefully before you vote for BN and PR this coming election. Everyone is called to prayer for better decision for our Belaga people in the future.

  2. Bloody Hell Taib Mahmud Says:

    Org Belaga pasti undi BN lah. Otak org belaga adalah otak Bn. Otak kayan otak bn, otak kenyah otak bn, otak penan otak bn, otak kajang otak bn dan semua otak dayak otak bn. jngan arap dia orglah. prinsip mereka, biar mati anak jangan putih tulang. otak sudah terbalik atau biar gadai hak jangan kalah ego. ego marenlah, ego kerana kerja perintahlah dan macam, macam lagi….

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